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TOEFL Score Accepted by Universities across the World

The TOEFL as a test has gained maximum recognition by universities and institutions around the world. TOEFL score is recognized by more than 9000 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. More than 25 million applicants take this test every year. The section given below highlights the TOEFL score scale for 2 types of tests by providing details of minimum and maximum scores. The 2 types of tests are Internet Based Test and Paper Based Test.

Minimum and Maximum marks for iBT (Internet Based Test)

Section                Minimum Score        Maximum Score  

  1. Reading                      0                                 30
  2. Listening                    0                                 30
  3. Speaking                    0                                 30
  4. Writing                       0                                 30

TOEFL score range: 0 to 120

Minimum and Maximum marks for Paper Based Test (PBT)

 Section                                              Minimum Score        Maximum Score   

  1. Listening Comprehension              31                                               68
  2. Structure/ Written expression      31                                               68
  3. Reading Comprehension                31                                               67

TOEFL score range: 313 to 677

TOEFL Score Accepted by Different Universities

The United States of America

Top ten universities and the TOEFL score accepted by them:

Ranking University TOEFL Paper-Based TOEFL iBT
1. Harvard University 600 100
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 577 90
3. Stanford University 600 100
4. University of


550 68
5. University of Michigan 570-610 88-106
6. Cornell University 600 100
7. University of Washington 540 76
8. Coloumbia University New York 600 100
9. University of Pennsylvania 550 80
10. University of

California– Los Angeles

560 87


The TOEFL score helps in the screening of students meeting the bare minimum standards of getting admitted into a given Australian university. Even more, the TOEFL iBT test score can now be used to demonstrate proficiency in the English language for several Australian visa categories. The TOEFL score requirement for universities in Australia is as given below:

  • University of New South Wales: The paper-based score required is 577 and iBT 90. This includes 23 in writing, 22 in listening and speaking. However, Masters of Psychology (Clinical, Forensic & Organizational) including Ph.D/Master requires an overall score of 94 with 27 in writing, 24 in reading and listening, and 23 in speaking.
  • Victoria University: For certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas; the TOEFL iBT overall band requirement is 55 (listening 9, speaking 16, reading 10, writing 18). However, Bachelors degree score requirement is 67 overall (12 listening, 18 speaking, 15 reading, 21 writing). Furthermore, graduate certificates and graduate diplomas, research programs and masters degrees, the overall band requirement is 79 (19 in listening, 19 speaking, 18 reading, 22 writing).
  • University of Queensland: TOEFL paper based requirement is 570 overall and iBT is 87 (21 in writing, 19 in reading, listening and speaking).
  • La Trobe University: For undergraduate courses, the English language requirement for internet based is 60 and paper based is 550.For Postgraduate coursework, the English language requirements for internet based is 80 and paper based is 575.
  • University of Melbourne: You may refer to the link given here to find out about the TOEFL requirements of this university: Score Requirement
  • University of Adelaide: General requirements are applicable to a vast number of postgraduate Research programs. It includes a paper-based total score of 575 with 4.5 in the TWE (Test of Written English) or the internet-based total score of 79 (24 in Writing and 22 in Speaking and 13 in Listening and Reading. Specific requirements are applicable to different postgraduate research programs in Faculty of Health Sciences-Nursing, Psychology, and Public Health, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of the Professions. The requirement for Paper-based test is 600 with 5.0 in the TWE or the Internet-based total score of 94 (27 in writing and 23 in Speaking and 20 in Listening and Reading.)

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There are quite a many renowned universities in Canada accepting TOEFL score:

  • University of Toronto: For the internet-based, minimum requirement is 100+ (22 on writing) and discretionary range is 89-99+ (19 – 21 on writing). For a paper-based, minimum requirement is 600 + 5.0 on TWE and discretionary range is 573-597+ 4.5 on TWE
  • University of British Columbia: A minimum score for Graduate Studies is 90 for Internet Based (reading, listening 22, writing and speaking is 21). However, for paper based it is 55 each in listening, reading and writing and 4.0 on TWE.
  • McGill University: For Electrical and Computer Engineering minimum acceptable score for iBT is 100 (no less than 20 in each of the four component scores) and for paper-based test is 600. The score required, specifically, for Graduate level IBT (Internet-Based Test) is 86 overall with no less than 20 in each of the four component scores. The minimum score accepted for paper-based test is 567.

 United Kingdom

  • University of Manchester: For the internet-based 100 overall with a minimum score of 22 in writing and speaking, and 21 in reading and listening is expected.
  • Imperial College London: It requires the internet-based with a minimum score of 92 overall (minimum 20 in all elements) and for higher 100 overall (min. 22 in all elements).
  • University of Cambridge: It requires an overall 110 internet -based and a minimum 25 score in every section.

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