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Top 5 Toughest Competitive Exams in India and Tips to Crack

With every passing year, more and more educated youth are joining the Indian professional sector. The job sectors differ depending upon the academic degrees. Several avenues are open for those who want to attain a bright career. But excellent job opportunities will not just land in your hands. You must prove that you deserve it, and you should be ready to face any test.

Given below are top 5 toughest competitive exams in India and tips to crack them:

1. UPSC Examination

Around 10 lakh candidates opt for the Union Civil Service Examination each year, but less than 0.3% succeeds in making the cut. The written, as well as the interview, is grueling as they desire to get candidates who are better than the best. They will become the head of very important departments and will have the responsibility to form and implement laws. By preparing well for UPSC, you can guarantee success in exams like SSC-CGL or IBPS.

2. CAT

Another tough competitive examination is Common Administrative Test or CAT. All students and professional candidates, who desire to get into the business management sector, must sit for this exam. All top IIMs select candidates based on this score. Applicants must pay attention to English, logical reasoning and mathematics related questions.


Almost 95% students, pursuing PCM in 12th standard, sit for IIT examination. All Indian Institute of Technology institutes in India select candidates by their score in this exam. The success rate of candidates in this exam is also low owing to this strict question format. The IITs conduct exams for post-graduation and research candidates as well.

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Another exam that very few succeed in cracking is the Common Law Admission Test or CLAT. Only serious and industrious candidates can expect to crack this examination. If you desire to cement your position in any of the top 16 law institutes, then you must pass this exam.

5. NDA

The National Defense Academy or the NDA conducts written as well as face to face interview rounds to select the best candidates who will later be a part of India’s glorious armed forces. It is also considered to be one of the toughest exams to crack in India. All successful candidates will get placement in navy, army and air force. The exam is conducted under the instruction of Ministry of Defense and monitored by Services Selection Board. Once the candidates crack the written exam, they must ace the physical scrutiny, personality, and intelligence test, before appearing in front of the interview board.

How to Pass these Exams with Flying Colors?

Now that you have adequate information about the toughest competitive exams, which are held in India, it is time to shed some light on how a candidate can crack it. Whether it is UPSC, CAT or SSC-CGL, it is difficult to spot a candidate who has succeeded in nailing the exam in the first attempt. But it is not impossible. If you are industrious and determined about the target, then you can achieve whatever you set your heart to. Here are some tips and tricks, which will help you on your quest:

  1. Are you ready for the hard work?

No matter which exam you desire to prepare for, you need to understand its seriousness. More than merit, you need to rely on hard work. If you are not ready to put in significant effort, then you might consider bidding farewell to your dreams of cracking the abovementioned competitive exams. Only industrious, confident, and strong-willed candidates can stand these tests.

  1. Understand the syllabus

Though competitive exams have more or less similar question patterns, the syllabus varies greatly. A quick look at the syllabus list for CAT and NDA will give you a better idea. Experts suggest that understanding the curriculum is vital before chalking out the preparation strategy. While CAT puts more stress on management topics, competitive government exams are focused on maths, GI, and current affairs.

  1. Have a positive mindset

All those long hours of studying will not produce any positive results if you fail to remain optimistic. Optimism is the key to your success. If you fail in first few attempts, you must encourage yourself to take another try. Negativity will only breed negativity. It will take you nowhere but will cause you to lose precious time.

  1. Classroom as well as online coaching

The popularity of classroom coaching centers is high in all state of India. Any candidate who desires to sit for the competitive exams generally takes admission in these special coaching centers. There are different centers to offer guidance for the preparation of SSC-CGL, CAT, and NDA. But these are not enough. One must also take the help of online study and practice modules for better preparation.

  1. Talk to the experts and successful candidates

In case you know any person who has cracked any of the government jobs recently, you must talk to them. They will be able to offer crucial insights about the preliminary, main as well as interview sessions. Try to attend seminars where experts explain how one can chalk out a strategic study plan.

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  1. Opt for additional guidance

Apart from talking to experts, taking admission in coaching classes and opting for online test modules, it is better to get additional assistance as and when the need arises. This does not necessarily be related to studies. If you are feeling too much pressure, talking to a therapist or counselor will ease the situation. Professionals will also give some pointers, which can enhance your concentration power.

  1. Work on tough subjects

All candidates who desire to crack SSC-CGL or any other competitive examination must spend more time to tackle the tough subjects. Most applicants find it difficult to master mathematics, general intelligence, reasoning, and puzzle solving. Shying away from these subjects will not help you. Do not be scared of these subjects. Give as much time as you need to master these.

There is no hard and fast rule that one has to follow these tips. These can be very well altered according to your requirement. Do what works best for you. It will all boil down to whether these help you to get closer to your dream job or not.