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Top 5 Universities to Study in New Zealand

The reasons for choosing New Zealand as your study destination are in abundance. This amazing study destination has a lot to offer to its international students.

After digging deep into finding what this place has to offer you, you’re likely to consider this as your top study destination choice. But then you’ll be faced with the daunting task of choosing the university that suits your career aspirations and goals.

Top 5 Universities to Study in New Zealand

The objective of writing this post is to highlight top 5 universities that should be considered by you if you’re planning to study in New Zealand:

1. University of Auckland

This university occupies a rank amongst top 100 universities of the world as per the rankings published by the QS world. A top university in New Zealand, it boasts of some famous alumni and attracts international students in large numbers. By studying in this university, you don’t only get to experience the best of global education but also get to stay in a wonderful city. Well known for its research facilities, technology and innovation; the university offers a wide variety of courses to choose from.

2. Victoria University of Wellington

 Ranked as number one university in New Zealand for its focus on research, this university has successfully earned itself a strong reputation in the global market for imparting high-quality education. The university is situated in Wellington city that offers a vibrant cosmopolitan city culture along with stunning views of the lush green landscape. This university has managed to make some really strong connections with various departments and agencies at both national as well as international levels.

3. University of Otago

 This historic university excels in offering education that has a global value and is sought after by employers all over the world. It offers a wide array of courses in four major areas of study that are Humanities, Science, Business and Health. Because of its strong emphasis on research and its excellent facilities for the same, this is your ideal study destination if you’re considering studying PhD. Even more, this university offers quite a many scholarships to international students.

4. University of Canterbury

Founded by the scholars passed out from Oxford and Cambridge University, this university happens to be the second oldest in New Zealand. The university, located in the second largest city in the country, offers specialized courses in the field of Engineering, Speech and Language Therapy and Sports Coaching. By studying in this university, you get to experience cosmopolitan city culture and yet stay close to Alpine mountains and national parks.

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5. University of Waikato

Internationally recognised as one of the top universities for its high-quality research, it offers programs that are of great national and international significance. The university excels in offering a great learning experience to students along with providing a strong support system. The internships and placements offered by this university exceed the mark of 2000. The university encourages flexible educational system by allowing students to study diverse courses so as to help them expand their skill-set.

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