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Top 7 Companies to Work For in the World

Like everyone else, you must be dreaming of a job that offers flexibility, work-life balance and financial security. In order to make this possible, you need to, however, land yourself a job and experience what’s there for you in-store. Many would agree that the insights offered by top job review platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn are quite interesting and can help you learn about company’s culture and other things about its workplace environment.

On the basis of employee engagement, retention and their willingness to work for a specific company, given below are top 7 companies to work for:

1. Google

The free offerings by this company which includes food, gym facilities, massage therapies, shuttle services, education reimbursements, health insurance, event discounts and more indicate how well the employees are treated by Google.

Every employee is a beneficiary of perks that are offered by this company and gets to enjoy its laid-back culture. By working in this company, you surround yourself with great thinkers and people who are simply the best in their field of work. It goes without saying that by working for this company, you will be paving your path towards a successful career ahead.

2. Facebook

A company that has significantly changed the way we spend the majority of our time is also one of the best places to work for. This company offers both technical and non-technical roles to its employees, thereby, ensuring their growth at personal as well as management levels. The staff members in this company are encouraged to personalize their workspaces based on their likings. Even more, there are huge numbers of attractions and free offerings to increase the engagement levels of employees along with their retention period.

3. Amazon

This Seattle based company is, indeed, one of the biggest employers on the list with its employees working at locations scattered all over the world. Even though the perks offered by this company are not as generous when compared to Apple and Facebook, the reasons employees don’t want to leave this company is the complete ownership and autonomy they have over their work. It gives them a feeling that they are being valued and trusted by their company. This feeling is really important when it comes to attracting talent and retaining them for a longer time.

4. Uber

The transport app is rated as one of the best companies to work for according to its more than 12,000 employees. Not only the employees enjoy flexibility and autonomy of the job role, their job is social in nature and allows the employees to work as much or as little as they want.

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5. Apple

The employees get endless benefits by working for this technology giant based out of California. With the amount of revenue this company generates and the brand loyalty it gets from its customers, there is no dearth of candidates who wish to work for this company.

Handsome salaries, amazing workplace environment, excellent job perks, the brand value and much more- the employees get everything they could ever ask for. What is even more exciting is that they also get discounts on Apple products.

6. Salesforce

This cloud-based software firm employing more than 25,000 people offers lucrative pay packages along with generous amounts of time off. With its strong emphasis on building a productive and happy workforce, it’s no wonder this company does an incredible task in giving high job satisfaction to its employees. The company is also involved in a lot of charity work and volunteering activities giving employees not only additional time but a lot of opportunities to focus on volunteering activities.

7. McKinsey & Co.

The most reputed company in the field of management consultancy, McKinsey & Co. offers unique and amazing corporate culture for its employees. The culture offered by this culture makes it most sought after by job seekers. The diverse experience and high salaries that are offered to employees easily make up for high workloads and standards at the workplace.

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