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Top 7 Reasons to Study in UAE

Education abroad brings a lot of opportunities and surprises in your journey, and there is every reason to make UAE your preferred destination for foreign studies. The United Arab Emirates offers dynamic, job-driven and versatile degree programs in its world-class universities and educational institutions. The states of UAE are well known for their economic vitality, religious tolerance and warm hospitality. UAE is one of the much sought after destinations amongst international students as they get to experience the world’s best cuisines, diverse culture, unique lifestyle and an ever-growing business hub. Here are the top 7 reasons that make UAE an ideal destination to pursue higher education.

1.     Authentic Emirati Culture

The seven emirates of UAE- Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah are culturally rich and are governed by separate rulers. Arabic and English are two widely spoken languages in the UAE. Indian International students will find UAE as another home because a lot of Indians and people from South Asian countries live there. The well-reputed and internationally acclaimed universities of UAE have students from all across the world. Students studying over here will experience many diverse cultures in one place.

2.     Educational Opportunities

Due to locational advantage, UAE is a much sought-after and popular educational hub that rests between Eastern and Western countries. The country shares almost equal proximity from Asia as well as Europe. Universities from many countries such as UK, Australia, India, US, etc. have their campuses in the UAE. The top-rated programs are business administration, engineering, hospitality and sciences. One thing to consider is that the Universities in UAE do not allow international students to work part-time or as interns to earn for their day-to-day expenses. The courses offered vary from six-month duration to four-year degree programs.

3.     Safe Environment

There is a misconception amongst the people that UAE is not a safe place to study but things are way different. UAE is a much safe place to study, living, job or business. The people of the UAE are warm, amiable, friendly and helping. They are willing to share their culture with others and learn from them. Most of the universities offer on-campus accommodations that are totally budget-friendly. 

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4.     Weather

The weather in UAE is mostly sunny. So, if you love sunbathing, warm weather and long walks, then UAE is a perfect study destination for you. The beaches of UAE are one of the major hang out points for the students. There are many tourist spots where you can just unwind and relax. Some of the major ones are Marina Beach, Jumeriah public beach (Dubai), Corniche Beach (Abu Dhabi). You will find amazing views at emirates in the North such as Sharjah, RAK, Fujairah and Ajman.

5.     Career Options

An international degree is sufficient alone to enhance your resume and unveil a long list of career opportunities for you. Studying abroad sharpens your analytical and problem-solving skills. It greatly improves your time-management skills and makes you an open-minded person who is ready to break all stereotypes prevailing in the society. After getting your degree from UAE, you can easily get a job in the Indian or UAE market. 

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6.     Life-Changing Experiences

If you are passionate about traveling and interacting with people, then you must choose the UAE for your higher studies. In UAE, ex-pats from all across the globe live, study and work together. This allows you to build lifelong relationships and friendships. Enjoy some life-changing and memorable experiences while you stay in the UAE.

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