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Study Abroad Students: Top Benefits of AP Exams

In case you are a high school student in India and wish to study in a reputed university abroad, it might require you to be an International Board (IB) student. If you are not an IP student, you may, however, take Advanced Placement (AP) exams to gain eligibility for admission to that university.

The primary objective of these exams is to make it possible for high school students to earn credits so as to stand out in their college applications. These exams are offered in 34 subjects including biology, mathematics, psychology, art and more.

By enrolling in AP classes and thereafter, writing AP exams, you may reap several benefits as given below:

1. Earn college credit

The most immediate advantage of taking AP exams is that it allows many students to meet their college degree requirements.

If you are looking at studying in a foreign university, you don’t only become eligible for admission to many universities but also expose yourself to international cultural and language experience.

2. Save Money on Tuition

You are generally given some sort of credits for the scores of three and higher you obtain in your AP exams. This credit goes towards college courses (introductory level) in the same subjects and gives you an option to graduate early from college making it possible for you to save a lot of money on your tuition and living expenses.

3. Strong Application

Your good performance in AP exams is a direct indicator of your strong commitment towards education and your willingness to excel in academics. You are, therefore, likely to gain a competitive edge over other students. By showcasing your ability to handle a challenging curriculum, you are likely to impress the admission council with your academic profile and thus, brighten your chances of admission.

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4. Hone Your Academic Skills

Given that curriculum for AP exams is tougher than regular board exams, you tend to develop college-level academic skills by preparing for these exams. Those students who appear for AP exams usually have excellent problem solving and learning skills and make high performers in their university/ college.

5. Brighten Your Chances for Financial Aid

A majority of university and colleges consider your performance in AP exams when making a decision on granting a financial aid to students.  Those students who take AP exams and perform well are likely to be considered for financial aid as against other students.

6. More Number of Choices and Flexibility in Your College/ University

By having AP credits, you generally get through with a number of basic classes that are there in the college/ university curriculum. This gives you an option to choose more electives and add second major or minor. Even more, you can focus on your major early than you would do otherwise.

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