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Top Business Schools Admitting Students With Lower GMAT Score

It is a common belief that you need a good GMAT score to be able to get into a top business school. Essentially, students scoring in the range of 715 to 733 hold a fair chance of getting accepted to a top business school. Practically, it is not possible for every student to manage such a high score. It, however, doesn’t mean that students should start giving up on their dream of studying in a top business school.

In case you are one of those students who dread writing GMAT exam or doesn’t expect a high GMAT score (as stated above), it might disappoint you and you may start believing that you will not be able to get into a good business school. What you must, however, know is that there is nothing to feel disappointed as the truth is that you can still get into a good university with a lower GMAT score or even no GMAT score.

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The amazing news for you is that there are a vast number of universities all over the world admitting students with scores anywhere between 500 and 700. Excited?

Scroll down to know the list of a few top business schools that don’t necessarily require you to have high GMAT score as one of their eligibility criteria.

1.  NHH Norwegian School of Economics (Bergen, Norway)

The minimum GMAT score required for acceptance into this Norwegian school is 600.

2. Middlesex University (London, U.K.)

This school requires a minimum GMAT score of 550.

3.  National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE) (Moscow, Russia)

A minimum score of 650 is required for admission to this school.

4. Antwerp Management School (Antwerpen, Belgium)

It will amaze you to know that it is possible to get into this excellent business school even with a score of 550.

5. University of South Florida (Fl., United States)

To get into the University of South Florida, a GMAT score of 600 is the minimum you would need.

6. Erasmus University Rotterdam(Rotterdam, Netherlands)

This university requires a minimum score of 600 from prospective business school applicants.

 7. Free University of Brussels/Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Brussels, Belgium)

You just require a GMAT Score of 550 to get into this business school.


Finally, admission into a good business school doesn’t necessarily have to be all about GMAT. There are many more crucial factors that determine the success of your application to a business school. Thus, your focus should not be only on your GMAT score but other factors as well.