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Top College Degrees That Will Get You Your Dream Job

If you’re a fresh graduate or going to be one soon, it might excite you to know that the employers, these days, are looking at hiring fresh college graduates more than ever before as revealed by the findings of a research carried out by CareerBuilder. And that’s not all about it. What is even more exciting is that the majority of employers are even considering paying you much more than they would earlier pay to fresh graduates.

Having said that, you would not want to leave a stone unturned to get closer to your first job. What you must, however, know is that even if the employers are open to hiring fresh graduates, it doesn’t mean the competition for you is going to be any less fierce. You’ll be required to demonstrate skills that are required for the job you’re considering for yourself. In this regard, it will help you to know the most sought-after degrees by employers. This information will help you expand your skill set and diversify your knowledge depending on the requirements of your potential employer.

Top College Degrees That Will Get You Your Dream Job

  1. Business
  2. Engineering
  3. Computer Science
  4. Information Technology
  5. Mathematics and Statistics
  6. Health sciences and related professions
  7. Architecture
  8. Communication Technologies
  9. Journalism
  10. Law

Business, Engineering fields, Computer Science and Information Technology happen to be the most popular fields dominating the employment sector.

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Career Coach Special Tips:

  • The employers are certainly willing to hire fresh graduates but are not ready to make any compromises. They want their potential employees to be completely ready for their new roles. Therefore, you need thorough preparations in case you’re looking at getting yourself hired. And, your preparations for the same must start early.
  • The internships play an important role in determining your future career path. You must, therefore, take them seriously and try to land yourself an interesting and rewarding internship while you’re still in college/ university.
  • In order to lay a strong foundation for your future career, you must consider working on improving the skills that are listed below:        a. Problem-solving skills b. Mathematical skillsc. Analytical skills

    d. Interpersonal/ Social skills

    e. Team working skills

    f. Reasoning ability

    g. Leadership skills

    h. Oral and Written Communication skills

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It is recommended that you make the use of resources given below for the successful search of your dream job:

  • Social media platforms along with LinkedIn
  • Career services offered within your college/ university
  • Job Boards
  • Professional Networking Events
  • Professional associations

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