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Study in the UK and Europe: Top Masters Programs in Cyber Security

Given that cyber security professionals are in huge demand these days, a career in this field is considered to very lucrative. Besides, it is a vast field and offers specialization in different areas such as Cyber Systems Security. In case you’re not interested in pursuing a specialization, you can consider a basic Masters course in Cyber Security.

The colleges and universities offering courses in Cyber security are generally affiliated to intelligence/ security agencies so as to impart high-quality education to students.

For those who are interested in making their careers out of Cyber security by studying in the UK or Europe, given below is the list of top masters programs in Cyber Security:

M.SC in Computer Science and Engineering

This course is offered in Politecnico Di Milano University in Italy. Besides offering a specialization in Cyber security, this course trains the participants in such a manner that they gain a deeper understanding of the subject and technologies relevant to the field. The duration of the given course is 2 years.

M.SC in Computing (Security and Reliability)

This 1-year popular course offered by Imperial College, London teaches various modules of security and reliability related to Computing in the field of Cyber Security.

M.SC in Information Security

This one-year full-time course offered by University College, London is one of the top courses considered by cyber security learning enthusiasts.  The course aims at imparting advanced knowledge to the students in the field of Information and Systems Security. Besides, the students are made to learn practical skills in the domain of IT Engineering.

M.SC in Computing and Security

This course offered by King’s College, London imparts skills that help students build and operate IT security systems on their own. In fact, the students learn to build security systems from small to large scale. The duration of the course offered is one year.

Master in Computer Science Information Security Track

This full-time course consisting of 3 semesters is offered at Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.  There are different modules covered in this course such as System and Network Security, Cryptography and Security Engineering.

Master in Cyber Security

The given course is offered by Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) and it takes 2 years to finish this course.  The course is designed in such a way that it covers all aspects related to Cyber security along with several non-computing topics like law, criminology, psychology, etc.

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M.SC in Computer Science

This one year (full time) course offered by the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) is most sought after by international students. The objective of the course is to impart in-depth knowledge and learning of computing systems along with Cyber Security and Privacy.

Master in Computer Science

This course is offered by Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (Switzerland) and its duration may vary from one to two years depending on internships and specialization to be carried out. It offers specialization in Information Security. Besides, it gives the students a chance to undertake a six-month long internship so as help student gain a practical understanding of the subject and network with people in the same profession.

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