China My Study Destination

Study Destination: Top Reasons to Study Abroad in Beijing

The choice of a perfect study abroad destination never comes easy. It can be overwhelming to decide the place of your study abroad but once the choice is made, the journey of a lifetime starts.

If you wish to study somewhere non-Western and discover a culture that is different from yours, Beijing can be your ideal study destination choice. Given below are several reasons for which you must consider to study abroad in Beijing:

1. Affordable Study Abroad Destination

As against studying abroad in most European countries, studying in China is relatively cheaper. Talking about China, it is much cheaper to live in Beijing as a student than in any other Chinese city making it a perfect destination for study abroad students. Even more, there are abundant scholarships available for international students to help them with their expenses.

2. Explore Different Culture and Learn Chinese History

By studying in Beijing, you get to explore the Chinese culture that is indeed quite vast, diverse and interesting. Besides getting exposed to a new culture, you get to explore Chinese cuisine, learn Mandarin (the most used language in the world) and experience the manner in which Chinese people live.  By taking classes, you can even get a chance to learn about China’s history along with its language, economy, and culture.

3. Professional Growth

There will be a lot of scope for professional growth by living in a big city like Beijing that offers a wide array of career and job opportunities. There are a vast number of businesses looking at recruiting experienced, talented and young individuals as interns and employees. Therefore, students in Beijing get exposed to ample professional opportunities.

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4. Travel to New Places

There are countless neighborhoods in Beijing that are worth exploring. Also, there are abundant activities for students to engage themselves in over the weekends. Even more, you don’t remain limited to exploring Beijing and its neighborhoods. You can easily travel to various other cities that make wonderful towns, sites of historical interest and more.  The city offers transport connections to almost every location in China and rest of the world.

5. Immerse Yourself in the World of Art

Beijing is one of those cities that are bustling with art in several forms. For art lovers, there are traditional Chinese operas, concerts, art galleries, acrobatic shows and many more things to explore and fall in love with.

6. Become a Part of an International Community

By studying abroad in Beijing, you don’t get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the foreign culture but also get to meet students belonging to different parts of the world. This will provide you with an amazing opportunity for learning about different cultures and parts of the world along with many other things that will make you more adaptable and also a learned individual with a dynamic personality.

Finally, you get the experience of a lifetime by making a choice of studying in one of the most culturally-diverse cities in the world!