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Top Reasons to Study in AAB College, Kosovo

International exposure and experience have increasingly become important and recognizable in recent years. Most of the startups or small companies look out for the candidates who have left their so-called “comfort-zone” of home country and are ready to take up new challenges in a foreign land. By studying abroad especially in the Republic of Kosovo, the students can set a course for their career success.  And, it has been seen that most of the students are attracted to the job options in the host country itself and decide to stay there for jobs or higher education.

Something about AAB College, Kosovo

AAB College was established immediately after the war in Kosovo and is the first non-public institution for higher education in Kosovo. The college started by offering study programs in Art and Mass communication and thereafter, it is expanding continuously by enrolling students for other study programs as well. In no time the institute has become a popular academic center not only in Kosovo but in the region as well.  Being a non-public institution, AAB college has always strived to promote institutional autonomy and academic freedom in research and teaching in the institution. 

Varied Subjects

The college offers a wide range of courses in subjects such as Economy, Mass Communication, English Language, Social Sciences, Justice, Physical Culture and Arts for both Bachelors and Masters level. This famous Kosovo College has three campuses located at Pristina, Ferizaj and Gjakova. The academic and infrastructural standards of both the latter campuses are similar to the main central campus in Pristina. The college has successfully passed the evaluation process and the accreditation four times in a row. 

Global Exposure

AAB College is a permanent member at the Magna Charta Universitatum since 2010. This has helped the college in building a strong relationship with over 750 signatory universities of this document.   The institution is fully focused on building and strengthening relations with other international universities which has helped the college in expanding its research capacities by offering a strong foundation for doctoral studies. 

Lifelong Educational Framework

The institute offers latest and modern approach for teaching, learning and research. The college campus offers perfect development environment for students and helps in cultivating an academic friendly ambience for teachers as well as students.  By realizing international quality programs related to higher education and scientific research, the college actively contributes to socio-economic development of the college as well as that of the country. AAB College helps in building a secure environment that promotes critical thinking, tolerance, creativity, ethical values amongst teachers and students.

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A Well Aligned Education System

The higher education is fully integrated with Bologna process. This means that the national higher education systems of all European countries are in sync and aligned as well. This means that the Master’s Degree in this college would be equivalent to Master’s Degree in other European country.

Final Words

Studying in Kosovo is not just about attending lectures and spending time in the library, but is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover this new country and more importantly yourself!

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