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Study in USA: Top Business Schools to Pursue International MBA

Become Global Leaders by Pursuing International MBA

When you pursue your MBA in a leading business school of the U.S., it doesn’t imply that bright future prospects for you lie only in the U.S. or you have to stay there for work. What you might find interesting is that there are a number of business schools in the U.S. offering MBA programs that allow you to learn and engage themselves in activities that help you in becoming global leaders in the world of business.

Benefits of Doing International MBA

  1. A degree in international MBA from a reputed business school takes you closer to your dream job and makes you capable of taking over a role in senior management. It increases your career prospects and makes you highly sought after by employers.
  2. It helps you in expanding your areas of interest and thus, your professional footprints, thereby, making it easier for you to shift your career focus.
  3. International MBA helps you in expanding your network and build strong industry connections with people belonging to different industries and parts of the world.
  4. It offers practical training that is of great significance and plays a key role in starting your own business.
  5. You get exposed to an environment that offers a great deal of learning and practical knowledge. The whole atmosphere is such that it takes you out of your comfort zone making your more competent and skilled in your job.

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Are you interested in studying international MBA in one of these business schools in the U.S.? If yes, you might find the list of business schools offering the best international MBA programs given below quite handy:

Name of the University/ School     Tuition-Fee*

Harvard University (Boston)                                        $72,000 per year

The University of South of Carolina (Columbia)             $71,580 per program

University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)                      $70,200 per year

University of California— Berkeley (Haas)                     $59,811 per year

The University of Michigan— Ann Arbor (Ross)               $67,300 per year

Stanford University (Stanford)                                      $68,868 per year

Columbia University (New York)                                    $71,544 per year

New York University (Stern)                                          $69,086 per year

University of Southern California (Marshall)                   $60,951 per year

Georgetown University (McDonough)                            $56,400 per year

*Tuition-fee mentioned above is for full-time programs.

(Reference: US News)