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Top Student Cities in the U.S. for Study Abroad Students

Are you looking at studying in the USA?

In order to have the most rewarding study abroad experience and avail the maximum benefits of studying abroad, it is best to choose from one of the most student-friendly study destinations in the USA.

Obvious as it may be, all top student cities happen to be a great choice for international students as they promise an array of exciting opportunities for students and a rich cultural environment. Also, they house a large population of international students. Even more, there are abundant options available for student activities. Furthermore, such cities are mostly safe with a zero or very low crime rate.

Given below is a list of top student-friendly cities in the U.S. for you to consider as your future study destination:

1. Boston

Considered as one of the intellectual capitals of the world, the city attracts a vast amount of student population from all over the world. What makes Boston a student-friendly city is its compact size, thereby, making it easier for others to explore the place.  The local population of the city emphasizes a lot on quality education and career success of students who study in this place.

2. New York City

The universities in New York are famous for innovative degree programs they offer along with the use of cutting-edge technology and highly interactive teaching methods. The students in this city are encouraged to become independent learners. Being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, the city doesn’t only offer excellent study abroad opportunities for international students but also bright future career prospects.

3. San Francisco

Home to the top universities of the world, San Francisco offers an informal study atmosphere to students studying in this place. The city is famous worldwide for its diverse and creative population that is known for having attained excellence in almost every field. By studying in San Francisco, you get to experience new cultures, foods and languages. Even more, you get ample opportunities to interact with great minds working in the Silicone Valley, known to be the cradle of research and technology in the whole wide world. A majority of students studying in the city never want to leave this city.

4. Washington DC

With the U.S. government having its headquarters in this city, you can find a lot of political activity in this area. This place happens to be one of the top student cities not only because of the top universities located there but also the incredible experience that it offers. There is a lot to explore in this city where almost everything speaks volume of the American historical and cultural heritage.

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5. Chicago

This city happens to be one of the top student cities in the U.S. and thus, a popular choice amongst study abroad applicants due to its affordable living costs, student-friendly ambiance, rich culture and efficient transportation system. There is a lot to do and explore in this city famous for its amazing night skyline.

6. Los Angeles

Considered to be the most creative cities in the world, people living here are known for their remarkable work in different creative fields. And of course, the Hollywood has its headquarters in this city. The city attracts students from all over the world, thereby, creating a global melting pot for you to experience and cherish for a lifetime.

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