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Top Summer School Programs for 2018

The benefits of summer school for high school and college students are in abundance. As a student, the summer school programs are a great option for you if you’re looking at learning something beneficial and gaining new perspectives. The duration of a summer school may vary from 2 weeks to 8 weeks depending on your choice of a program.

Given below are some factors that may influence your choice of summer school program:

1. Experience of Previous Students

Reading the reviews and experience of students who have already taken the course can help you gain useful insights about the program, thereby, helping you analyze if the program is a right choice for you.

2. Support System

A level of support offered during summer school programs in a foreign country is quite important. This becomes even more significant when you’re considering to enroll yourself in a language program.

3. Information Clarity

Those study abroad programs always happen to be a great choice that provides clarity of information along with the details as to what all gets offered in a program.

4. Alumni Network

The best programs are those that provide resources to help the participants of a course stay connected. This could be in the form of alumni events, reunions or anything else.

Top Summer School Program Choices for 2018

Given below are top choices for summer school programs this year:

1. University of Cambridge International Summer Program

The University of Cambridge, England offers a wide variety of summer programs that are taught by leading subject specialists. As a summer school participant, you get to be a part of the vibrant community of international students and expand your network.

The courses offered are in the areas as given below:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Science, Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • History
  • Art and Visual Culture
  • Ancient and Classical Worlds
  • Medieval Studies
  • Shakespeare and Interdisciplinary studies.
  • Law

2. The American University of Paris

This French study abroad summer program offers in-depth language study besides several other course intensive programs and workshops with leading professors and students from all over the world. By joining the summer school in this university, you get an option to pursue two, three or six-week long course in Paris.

There are around 50 summer school courses offered in this university including the courses in:

  • Language
  • Business
  • Art history
  • Psychology

3. AIFS Study Abroad in Cannes

This course provides an opportunity to students for studying at the Campus International de Cannes. This summer school program allows participants to improve their French language skills and earn up to 13 credits that are transferable to their institutions back home.

4. Seamester Transatlantic Summer

The Transatlantic summer program offered by Seamester provides hands-on experiences to students in seamanship with a three-credit course in Natural Sciences. During this 40-days long course, the students travel 4,500 miles by sea from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean. This non-traditional summer abroad program helps students enrich their leadership skills and knowledge in the field of Natural Sciences and Seamanship.

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5. Forum Europe Summer

This study abroad summer program lets you travel 9 cities (Amsterdam, Paris, Chamonix (French Alps), Geneva, Lugano, Como, Milan, Rome, and Rhodes) in a duration of 1 month and gives you a chance to earn eight credits. This program is an excellent choice for all majors. As a part of this course, the students are made to visit several universities, companies and international organizations. It offers a wide variety of courses ranging from International Accounting and Finance to Nursing.

6. Uppsala International Summer Session

This summer study abroad program at Uppsala, Sweden is an appropriate choice for students who wish to explore Swedish language, history, and culture. This non-profit foundation offers courses ranging from two to nine weeks. This course has its main focus on teaching students Swedish Language, Culture, and History.

7. ISA Study Abroad in Paris, France

The French study abroad summer programs offered by ISA provides students the opportunity to attend two different universities and build their French language skills. The students get an option to study at the American Business School of Paris or the Institut Catholique de Paris.

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