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Top Tips to Help You Ace Your Telephone Interviews Successfully

Have you ever been interviewed on the telephone?

There are many people who feel that telephone interviews can be equally or even more terrifying as face-to-face job interviews.

Many would agree that the secret to success in an interview of any kind lies in making sufficient preparations for the interview.

If you’re seeking some advice or help on how to ace telephone interviews successfully, the tips given below should prove very handy:

Things to Do Before the Telephone Interviews

1. Practice

Much before the interview, you need to be ready with answers to the most common questions that are asked during an interview. A practice with a list of common questions is going to be of great help in framing the answers to questions that are asked during an interview. A list of common questions includes:

  • Your brief introduction
  • What are the reasons for which you’re interested in the given job?
  • Will you be willing to relocate or travel for the job?
  • How soon will you be able to start the job in case a decision is made to hire you?
  • What significant things have you learned from your previous job roles?
  • What are your salary expectations?

You must also be thorough with your CV. This will help you answer all the questions correctly and boost your confidence at the same time.

2. Prepare a List of Questions

It’s a good practice to carefully draft a list of questions that you would like to ask an interviewer about the company or job role being offered. Your questions must reflect a lot of research work that has been done by you to learn about the company and your interest in working for the same. Remember, the timing of your questions is critical.

3. Controlled Environment

Right before when your interview is scheduled, you need to isolate yourself to a place that’s quiet and distraction-free. There should not be a disturbance of any sort while you’re on the call with your interviewer. A glass of water should be handy and you need to set your mobile phone to silent mode in case you’ll not be using it for your interview.

Things to Do During the Telephone Interviews

1. Listen Carefully

You need to be an active listener. Your undivided attention is crucial so as not to miss anything that is being spoken by an interviewer and avoid asking him/ her to repeat the things. If you have a tendency to forget things or miss important points in a discussion, you may consider taking notes. Even if there is a lot that you’ve to say, you must let interviewer lead the discussion. Multi-tasking is a big ‘NO’ when you’re in a conversation with a potential employer.

2. Phone Etiquette

Because no one likes to be interrupted, the timing of whatever you say is crucial. You need to allow them to finish saying things they want to before you start talking. You must master basic phone etiquette that requires you to address your interviewer as Miss, Mrs or Mr unless invited to use his or her first name.

When answering the call, you can simply say ‘Good morning/ afternoon. This is Sania Gupta speaking’. In case you’re making a call, you may say ‘Good morning/ afternoon. May I speak to Mr. John, please?’

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You need to control the volume of your voice so as not to be too loud or too quiet. Try to sound pleasant. Avoid talking too fast or too slow. You must try and engage the interviewer with the tone of your voice and speak clearly all the time.And, avoid using informal language. You must be careful in sounding as professional as possible.

3. Some Useful Tips

Create an actual environment of the interview room by doing small things like dressing up just the way you would do for a vis-a-vis interview and by sitting or standing straight on the chair.  This will help you adopt a formal approach and proper body language that will make it possible for you to leave a positive and long-lasting impression.

You can’t undermine the significance of smile if you are being interviewed on the phone. What you must remember is that smiling over the phone can make a huge difference in your tone. It can make you sound confident, well prepared and friendly.

Things to Do After the Telephone Interviews

1. Thank Your Interviewer

Towards the end of the call, you must thank your interviewer for taking out precious time to speak with you. You can even use this as an opportunity to seek answers to any questions you may have. You may even ask about the next step and by when the decision will be communicated.

2. Follow Up

After the interview, you must follow up by sending a ‘thank you’ note and confirming your interest in the job. This must, however, not be the immediate thing after an interview. Ask them if they have any questions.

By following the tips given above, you should be able to ace your interview successfully and land yourself your dream job.

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