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U.S. Universities Offering Top Distance Education

site de rencontre hommes russes site de rencontre hommes russes Are you looking at enrolling yourself into a distance education program in some renowned university? Would there be a better option than U.S. universities offering distance education given that the U.S. system of education is extremely well-known for its world-class education and cutting-edge distance learning methodologies? It might interest you to know that a vast number of prestigious U.S. universities have developed competitive models of online education so as to offer students the best digital learning experiences, regardless of their location. Given below are some of the U.S. universities offering top distance education:

1. Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology)

half price hook up wlbc half price hook up wlbc It is one of the top-ranked research universities and a reputed public college. The online courses offered by it in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering and Sciences are quite well known. This university is a great choice for those who are inclined towards studying technology.

2. Boston Universty

click Boston University, one of the largest universities in the U.S., offers a wide range of distance education graduate and undergraduate programs, diplomas and certification courses. The award-winning university for its Excellence in Online Education and Distance Learning has developed a reliable and popular online learning environment for students who can’t take on-campus courses. This university also offers some online doctoral programs.

3. University of California, Berkeley pof rencontre It is one of the most popular and selective universities for undergraduate education. The university has its own dedicated centre known as the Berkeley Resource Centre for Online Education (BRCOE) that facilitates a wide range of online credit and non-credit courses, online degrees and more.

4.  Washington State University 

The university founded its online Global Campus in 2012 with the objective of making its academic programs accessible to a wider audience.  The Global Campus is a user-friendly platform offering several online programs.

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5. James Madison University

This top public US school is known for its commitment to student success and excellent teaching. Both these factors have made the university’s online programs, as popular as its regular programs, amongst students interested in pursuing distance education.

 6. Northeastern University 

Known for its interdisciplinary research activities, the university offers a wide variety of study choices including finance, accounting, engineering, technology, electronics, medical and pharmaceutical studies.

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