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Understanding the GPA Grading Scale for Studying Abroad

The students who are interested in studying abroad must have come across a term called “GPA”. The universities in the US, Australia, Canada and Europe follow a GPA grading system. GPA stands for “Grade Point Average”.

Just like in India, we follow a percentage system to access the student’s academic performance in schools or a CGPA in universities/colleges, International colleges use a GPA grading scale to evaluate the performance. To get admission to any undergraduate or postgraduate course you need to have a certain GPA as desired by that university.

Most of the universities in the USA use a scale of 4.0 to access how well the student is performing as per the expectations and standards set by the university or the program. The higher the number better is the grade. Australian universities follow a GPA on a scale of 7.0.

Difference between a GPA and CGPA

Grade Point Average or GPA is a score to evaluate the student’s performance during the course or degree program. It is calculated by dividing the number of grade points obtained by the total number of credit hours attained. GPA is calculated for every term/semester and an average GPA is a score that indicates how well a student is performing throughout the year or term or till the time he is in university.

Cumulative Grade Point Average or CGPA is a grade point system that is followed in most of the Asian countries including India. CGPA is used to access the performance of the student throughout the bachelor’s or master’s program. Here the student receives grade points for every subject. Every subject is allotted some fixed credit hours i.e. the time the student spends in classes. To calculate CGPA, divide the total score of grade points by the number of credit hours attended.

 CGPA and GPA are similar but offer a different grading scale. In case an Indian student wants to apply for international degree courses, then he has to convert his grades as per the GPA system of that university. 

Importance of GPA

The students need to nail the GPA to get admission to their favorite international college/ University. GPA is the first thing that is demanded by any examining officer. The transcript shows how the student has flared in the subjects and throws light on the student’s intellectual level. Indeed, the GPA is the first impression that helps to decide the gateway for international studies. Not only academics, but GPA also depicts a student’s interpersonal skills such as work ethics, study habits, time management skills, patience, etc. It clearly tells the hard work and effort/ commitment the student has put throughout his course.

A good GPA is required to get the desired course in the dream college/university. GPA also plays a vital role to get good jobs and establish a successful career. If a student plans to go for higher education such as a Master’s or Ph.D. etc, he may be required to maintain a certain GPA. Most of the universities across the globe have a specific GPA cut off for availing scholarships.

So, it is always advised to keep the GPA high and work hard to maintain that GPA throughout the course duration.

How to Maintain a High GPA?

Maintaining a high GPA or a consistent GPA is not an easy task. The beginning year when the program commences, the level of subjects is not that difficult. The best way is to work harder and try to get a good GPA in the first year itself. Gearing up in the later semesters would be difficult as the program course will be shifting from easy to harder levels. If you have scored an exceptional GPA in the first year and a medium GPA in the later semesters, the average GPA will keep you going.  

The average GPA will be changing throughout the course duration but the students should work harder to maintain it. Apart from good grades, you need an impressive student profile while applying for international universities.

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