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6 Best Universities in Spain for International Students

Best Universities in Spain

Firstly, we must appreciate your decision of choosing Spain as your study abroad destination as it has a number of well-known and reputed universities and colleges for you to choose from.  Besides, you’re given a world class education in Spanish colleges and universities. Even, you get to experience a lot of new and exciting things.

Now if you’re faced with a daunting task of choosing the best university from all the options available in Spain, this article is going to help you a lot.

One thing you must keep in your mind is that there is no one size fits all rule when it comes to choosing to your place of study. Given that every college and university in Spain is different from another, it is important to understand your needs and expectations.

Given below is our list of best universities in Spain for international students:

1. University of Valencia

By studying in one of the oldest and historical universities of Spain, you don’t only get exposed to world-class education but also get to stay close to beautiful and mesmerizing Mediterranean coast. The university has three main sprawling campuses located close enough to the coast that you can easily go for a quick stroll on the beach. Because the majority of locals speak Spanish in Valencia, it is going to help you to enroll for Spanish classes.

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2. University of Barcelona

Projected as the number one university in Spain for the next year, this university is known for its international excellence and amazing experience it offers to the students. The university is quite known for its state-of-art research facilities along with its vast number of publications.

3. Complutense University of Madrid

One of the most prestigious and top-ranked universities of Spain, this university has an alarming focus on research and encourages the system of learning that is at par with international standards. The university boasts of a large number of famous alumni in different fields and inspires you to become a learned individual.

4. The University of Granada

One of the best and largest universities in Spain, the University of Granada is famous for attracting international students in large number every year. The university boasts of five beautiful campuses and then there are a wide array of options for choosing your course or subjects of study.

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5. Pablo de Olavide University

If you’re looking at gaining traditional university experience and want to connect with fellow students at deeper levels, the choice of this university is likely to suit your aspirations better. It’s just that you might not get many course options to choose from but the experience you get by studying in this university is worth all your time and money. Located outside Seville’s city center, you have an easy access to the heart of the city.

6. University of Deusto (Universidad Deusto)

This oldest private university that happens to be academically sound and has a lot of historical significance attached to it attracts a large number of local as well as international students. Even more, this university exposes it students to diverse cultures and languages.