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How to Use Student Experiences to Learn About Studying Abroad?

Are you planning to move outside your home country to pursue your higher education in a global university?

What have you thought about learning the international student experiences abroad?

It is important to equip yourself with all the necessary information regarding the colleges and universities that are on your radar in one or more study destinations. After learning about the things that are offered in different study destinations, it becomes a lot easier for you to decide your final study destination and where you would really want to be. Even more, the information you gather from different sources also helps you in adapting to a different culture and environment in your study destination.

In case you are wondering about the resources to be used for gathering useful information regarding a global university you’re interested in, you may initially use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn about the personal experiences of students studying in particular global universities. Later, you may refer to resources given below if you wish to know details about personal accounts:

1. YouTube

YouTube videos are a powerful resource for not only familiarizing with the student culture in the universities abroad but knowing everything positive and negative about the study destination you’re considering for yourself. There are various YouTube channels started by universities and students to offer interesting insights and guidelines on studying abroad, discuss life on campus and available academic opportunities. In case it is not feasible for you to visit the university before getting yourself enrolled there, you may even take virtual tours of the universities you are interested in studying. These tours are generally provided by student ambassadors who are willing to offer every bit of information related to their institution and make it easier for prospective students to adjust in new place.

The National University of Singapore’s YouTube channel features a video of students from different countries discussing on-campus life, academic and faculty programs.

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2. Blogs

You may even consider reading one or more study abroad blogs to find in-depth information about your study destination. There are many blogs started by students studying in global universities in order to share their experiences of studying abroad and offer complete guidance to students looking at studying abroad. Even more, a majority of institutions have their own blogs highlighting their strengths, offering information on a variety of programs that get offered and quelling concerns of prospective international students. The universities tend to see the international blog as the virtual space that makes it possible for prospects to connect with existing students and extract the useful information that will make it easier for them to take the leap forward and live their study abroad dreams.

3. Online Forums

Besides YouTube and blogs, you may even use international student forums to get your study abroad queries addressed or discuss a wide range of topics related to studying in a foreign land. You may post questions in the forums and have them answered by experts or applicants with similar aspirations or even with those who have already navigated this maze. Even more, you can read about the experiences of other students on every topic related to earning a degree abroad from preparations to admissions and from moving there to getting settled in a new study place.

Some Final Words

With all the resources listed above, it should become easier for you to gain a deeper understanding of how to make study abroad dreams true and nurture your career in a manner that will help you gain professional heights and advance in your career.