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Ways to Share Knowledge and Receive New Language Skills

The greatest benefit from living in our times is that we can share information or knowledge easier than our grandparents could. Technologies and social media applications simplify the process of sharing and provide us with an access to any person in the world.

However, many people question their language skills and fluency level. Usually, it stops them from interacting with other learners. Hence, they mistakenly postpone speaking practice which predetermines sharing until they get enough background. Fortunately, there are always ways to begin a good talk even if you are a beginner.

  1. Join a group of similar interests to train your speaking skills through social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. If you are a beginner, small chats with other learners or native speakers will help you overcome the fear of mistakes and prompt you to switch to longer talks.
  2. Create your own YouTube channel to share useful tips about cooking, knitting, preparing cocktails, shopping or anything you are good at. It is a perfect way not only to improve your language and share your expertise but also earn extra money.
  3. Find a tutor to practice your speaking skills and refining your grammar. With so many online tutoring services, you can find an English teacher or a tutor of any language in a few-minute search. At the beginning, communicating with a tutor is more efficient because you have someone who explains how not to repeat the same mistakes.
  4. Visit speaking clubs, bars where native speakers gather and communicate. Generally, there are always those chatty people who won’t miss a chance to engage you in a long talk.
  5. Try yourself as a tutor to leverage your skills to an advanced level. If you have a good intermediate or upper-intermediate level at least, then you can try to give a few lessons to other less fluent learners. Tutoring helps develop language skills faster because you are obliged to deliver high-quality lessons going deep into all the details.

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