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What Can I Become If I Study International Relations?

What Can I Become If I Study International Relations?

There are numerous opportunities that you could have after studying the International Relations. You will have the excellent opportunity to maintain positive and diplomatic relations between the countries, prevent the upcoming international conflicts, and making government things run smoothly.

International relations studies will give you a wide range of career options in the fields of politics, economics, social systems and the cultural life of communities. Pursuing a degree in International Relations will open up a vast area of political affairs, public policies, economic analytics and trends, law and many more social issues.
The topmost career options by studying International Relations include diplomacy, lobbying, political analysis, international law and intelligence.

Diplomacy – Maintaining Healthy Relations between the Nations

As a diplomat, you will have to represent a nation’s image with respect to the political view, trade services and consular services. You will also have to spend around 3 years in any of the foreign countries. Your core responsibilities as a diplomat will include:

  1. Playing a role of linking between the country you are representing and the country where you are stationed to;
  2. Collecting and reporting on all the relevant information about nation’s interests and the factors affecting them;
  3. Discuss and negotiate about the peace and war, trade, commerce, economics, and other social and cultural issues with the local government in charge.

A few renowned and topmost universities to pursue Diplomat are:

Cultural and Digital Diplomacy at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Italy
International Relations and Diplomacy at the Anglo-American University – Czech Republic
Cultural Diplomacy and International Events at the University of the West of Scotland – UK

Intelligence Specialist – Gathering State-Critical Information

As an intelligence specialist, you also have a great opportunity to work with the military, the navy, all the other security departments, and almost any state department of one of the national government agencies. Your core duties will be:

1. Collecting and analyzing operational intelligence data;
2. Conducting mission reports using all the real and relevant data;
3. Evaluating results and drafting the reports, statistics and graphics;
4. Maintaining the intelligence databases, libraries, and files.

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Some renowned universities for taking specialized Masters in International Relations’ Intelligence are:

International Relations (International Political Economy) at the University of Birmingham – UK
Global Peace, Security and Strategic Studies at Vesalius College Brussels – Belgium

Political Analyst – Explaining the Political Climate

You will be appointed as Political Analyst by Government agencies. In case you wish to start your firm privately, you can work on your own for news media productions. 

Given below are tasks that you’ll be expected to perform:

1. Inform about and interpret the various political developments;
2. Analyse laws, public policies, and government decisions;
3. Advise government officials, political parties, or the media;
4. Forecast political trends and election results;
5. Put events into historical context.

If you’re aiming for this type of career go for degrees like:

Conflict and Democracy Studies at Masaryk University – Czech Republic
European Studies at the University of Twente (UT) – Netherlands

There are a lot other career options that you can take after studying the International Relations, such as, Civil Service fast streamer, Government social research officer, Politician’s assistant, Public affairs consultant, Public relations account executive, Social researcher and so on.

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