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FAQ: What is the right time to start preparing for GMAT/ GRE?

Admissions to postgraduate programs in most of the study abroad destinations require GMAT/ GRE score. These scores form an important part of your application you make for admissions to desired course and school/ university.

Your GMAT/ GRE score plays a vital role in determining the success or failure of your application. It is, therefore, important that you take these exams seriously and prepare well.

You can prepare well only if you begin well on time and do it in a right manner. Even if you’re allowed to re-take these exams for improving your score, there remains a limitation on the number of times you can write them.

Remember, well begun is half done!

The Highlighting Factors

  • Both the exams can be written up to 5 times a year. However, there has to be a minimum gap of 31 days between two attempts when appearing for GMAT. For GRE, there has to be a gap of minimum 21 days.
  • The scores are provided to you approximately after 10-15 days of taking the test.

Why Must You Write GMAT/ GRE Tests Well On Time?

  • To allow yourself sufficient time to retake the test in case something goes wrong or if you don’t get a satisfactory score.
  • Also, because there are times when universities ask you to retake the exam and provide them a revised score before they take a final call on your candidature.
  • Writing the given examination timely is of utmost importance. There is no scope for a delay in your score as it might postpone your admission until next year.

Case Study 1

When you’re interested in making an application for September/ October Intake (Primary intake).

The application generally starts 10-12 months before the commencement of a program.

When should you ideally write your qualifying exam?

It is recommended that you write your exam minimum 14 months before the intake.

Now, let’s say you’re interested in Septemeber 2018 intake. The applications would begin somewhere around October 2017. Ideally, you should write the given examinations no later than July 2017.

Case Study 2

When you’re interested in making an application for January Intake.

Again the procedure is same. Therefore, if you’re interested in January 2019 intake, you must write the exam no later than November 2017.

Not only you will get sufficient time to prepare your application, but also you will have enough time to retake the test if you want.

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Ideal Time to Start Your Preparations

Coming back to from where we started, what is the right time to start preparing for GRE/ GMAT exam?

Our career coach strongly recommends that you begin your preparation at least 3-4 months before your exam date.

This time period may vary slightly depending upon your caliber, speed and learning abilities.

Having said that, you must start your GRE/ GMAT preparations right away if you’re planning to start a post graduation degree/ program from a foreign university in September 2018.

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