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What Study Abroad Program is Right for Me

What Study Abroad Program is Right for Me

Studying abroad is one of the best experiences in the life of a student. It offers various benefits and is rightly considered to be life changing experience.

For it to be a positive experience, the most crucial thing is getting matched to a right course.

The suitability of a study course varies from one student to another depending on:

  • Student’s areas of interests
  • Goals in life
  • Career Aspirations
  • Study destination
  • Student’s academic profile

In order to get matched to a suitable program, it is recommended that students pay attention to the points given below:

Research the Program

One of the key factors in determining the suitability of a program is your findings from the research work. Our career coach recommends conducting an extensive research on the shortlisted study abroad program by:

  • Reading the reviews of a program. The reviews can easily be found online.
  • Finding out what all is included in the course.
  • Determining the future prospects of the course.

Remember, there is no substitute for your research work as it will help you take a final call regarding the feasibility as well as the suitability of a program.


Academics form a major component of your study abroad journey. For a given study abroad program, you need to carefully research the classes and credits to determine if it will help you reach desired professional/ academic goals.

Whatever program you chose, you must ensure that it gives you proper credits. Even more, it needs to have a proper recognition in case you want to enroll yourself into a higher educational program or if you wish to seek employment on the basis of your program.

Communicating with Program Coordinators

The experts recommend talking to program coordinators in case there are any doubts regarding the structure of a course.

Even more, the time it takes for a university/ school representative to reply you will indicate how your experience of studying abroad with them is going to be.

It is because you would want to get maximum support from the main people that are associated with your program both before and during your study abroad journey.

Program Alumni  

Never hesitate in reaching out to alumni of the program. They are going to be your key resource in finalizing your study abroad experience. Most colleges will list the contact information of ambassadors or alumni of a given program. In case the information is missing, you may find relevant contacts from different social networking sites or even ask the program coordinators to connect you to former students.

Remember, these students have been at your place and understand your concerns well. They will be more than willing to help you.

Finding Answers to Some Very Important Questions

It is extremely important to find answers to some crucial questions that are associated with your study abroad journey:

  • How much will the shortlisted study abroad program cost?
  • What future prospects does the course offer?
  • Is there an option to avail any scholarship for a given course?
  • Are there going to be any language barriers by pursuing the course under consideration?
  • What are the chances of obtaining a student visa for a given study destination/ study abroad program?
  • Will there be any safety issues in a place you are considering for your future studies?

Final words: By obtaining information in the fields given above, you will be in a position to decide if a program under consideration is a right for you.

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