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An Immigrant’s Guide: What to Expect When Moving to Australia

Are you planning to move to Australia for your higher studies or better employment prospects?

Firstly, planning a thing of such gravity is a huge task in itself. And, then there is a burden of deciding whether you are making a right move or not.

Even if after a lot of thinking and research work, you find out that odds in favor of moving out are far greater than settling back – it requires a lot of preparation both mentally and psychologically. In fact, you are required to draft a plan for your future career along with many more things.

In case you are faced with any dilemma or a grueling task of making the preparations, the guide by an Indian writer Gaurav Wadekar titled “An Immigrant’s Guide to Integration: What to Expect When Moving to Australia” might just come handy for you.

Gaurav, Indian writer, after migrating to countries like Australia and the U.S. thoroughly understands the challenges that are faced by immigrants. Having worked in different fields like IT and financial services sector, he has met a wide variety of people belonging to different backgrounds and cultures.

In his book, he talks about understanding the significance of cultural differences, taking advantage of opportunities that might not seem to be very promising initially and plan your finances wisely for a smooth journey ahead. He even guides on how to overcome the barriers to gaining employment and battling homesickness while staying away from family.

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What is, indeed, interesting about this entrepreneur-author is that he landed himself a full-time job as a business analyst at Sydney Airport merely a week after arriving in Australia? What fetched him a job, according to Gaurav, was not just luck but the understanding of culture in his new abode. He was smart in getting touch with a reputed network in his new town and approaching them with his resume. This helped him get a job he really wanted at that point in time.

After first moving to Australia in 2008 for five years and then again in 2017, Mr. Wadekar has certainly gathered a lot of experiences to be able to understand the challenges that are faced by immigrants. In order to put his experiences to wise use, he now runs an advisory firm in Sydney besides his full-time job with a sole objective of helping immigrants integrate into new cultures and environments. Also, he helps migrants find a job in Sydney by organizing free Meetup events in which he offers guidance on what employers are generally looking at in their prospective employees.

If his experiences are to be sum up in a line, it is only the networking with the right people that help you in settling fast into a new land and scale heights in your career.