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When to Apply for Study Abroad

When to Apply for Study Abroad?

Your study abroad journey doesn’t only require a lot of preparation, but also consumes a lot of time.

It is important that you start your study abroad journey well in time so as to avoid any disappointments at a later stage.

What is the right time to apply for Study Abroad?

Both the preparation as well as the processing time for your application varies from one country to another. It might even vary from one university to another.

You must, therefore, gather complete information about the procedure and steps that are involved in your application submission.

Remember, it is always in your favor to start making early preparations and for that matter even making early submissions.

For Studying in USA and Canada


September: Start of the main term

Start of the Applications: August

Application Preparations to Begin: Minimum 1 year in advance of enrollment

Application Deadlines: Vary from early mid-October/November to early January

For studying in the US, you are required to write some exams like TOEFL, SAT. You must aim at completing the required admission tests before starting your application process.

Fee Submission: May

Note: There are some universities and schools that allow students to make an application as well as start throughout the year.


Application Preparations to Begin: At least 1 year in advance

Application Deadlines: Vary from December to March

*Career Coach Special Tip*

Our career coach recommends that you submit your application as early as possible to maximize your chances of acceptance into an institution and also for your funding.

United Kingdom


September: Start of the main term.

Applications: Mostly made through UCAS

Start of the Applications: Mid- September

Application Deadlines: Vary from October to January depending on the course and institution

Offers: You receive offers by the end of March and you need to reply to them by early May.

Quite a many UK institutions allow entry in January. Deadlines for applications to such institutions vary greatly. So you may check the shortlisted institution’s website for detailed information on admissions and deadlines.


Every university has its own application process for postgraduate courses.

Postgraduate courses offered in the UK universities fall into 2 categories:

  1. Taught courses
  2. Research-based courses

Admissions for Taught Courses

Late September/ Early October: Start of the main term.

Start of the Applications: Mid- September

Application Deadlines: Not defined strictly but best if made early. You can submit your application even up to 1 year in advance of starting date of course.

Admissions for Research based Courses

The universities, generally, allow entry throughout the year for research based programs. You must, however, start your application as soon as possible because the process is quite lengthy.

Australia and New Zealand


The academic year is divided into 2 semesters.

Semester 1

It commences in early March and finished by early June. In order to enroll yourself for the 1st semester, you need to submit an application by mid-November/ December.

Semester 2

It follows semester 1and starts towards the July end. The 2nd semester finishes by early November. For those who wish to begin their studies in semester 2, their application needs to be submitted by mid-May for it to be processed carefully.


Postgraduate courses fall into 2 categories:

Coursework-driven courses: They are divided into 2 semesters just like undergraduate courses.

Research-based courses: The semester system may vary depending on the institution.

Application Submission: In order to start your studies in1st Semester itself, you need to submit your application by late October/mid-November.

In order to start your studies in 2nd Semester, you need to make an application submission by mid-April or last by mid-May depending on the institution and the country from which you are applying.

Notably, the sooner you make a submission for your application the better, as your chances of getting a scholarship get enhanced and you get sufficient time for the processing of your student visa.

Final Words:

Even if the countries to which you’re applying accept admissions right before the commencement of courses, it is crucial to make an early application so as not to miss out on the best options.

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