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Which Stream to Select for Studying Abroad?

Every stream has its own importance and career paths. But there are some misconceptions prevailing in the society which act as a barrier in stream selection by the students. Some people say that Arts can only be taken by deep thinkers or artists; some defend that science has an upper edge over other streams or commerce can only be opted in case you want to go into financial sector etc.

This article throws light on how to select stream after grade 10th in case you want to pursue your graduation or Masters abroad. The same can be planned instantaneously but it is always better to act proactively and see for yourself where you want to go.

Few Things to do Before Making a Final Decision

1.      Self Awareness

The best person who can guide you regarding your strengths and weakness is yourself. It is always better to understand your aptitude level, skills and interests. Analyzing all these will help you reach to a strategic decision.  

2.      Discussion with Parents/ Teachers / Mentors

It may happen that the students may take wrong or incompetent decision due to lack of understanding and knowledge. It has been noticed that students generally sacrifice their passion to pursue a career of their parent’s choice. So, it’s really important to have a healthy discussion with your parents and make them understand your future goals and aspirations. 

3.      Guidance from a Career Coach

For more details such as career prospects, seat availability, the scope of the stream etc it is always better to consult a career coach. These coaches will help you in perfect steam selection and will offer plethora of other options which can be opted along.

4.      Make Your Own Way

A majority of students opt for a particular stream out of a simple reason that they want to be with their friends or follow them without taking into consideration their own interests. Now, in case you lack interest in some subject, will you be able to give your best performance in the same?

Don’t follow the herd, make your own way!

Career Opportunities

1.      Science Stream

After grade 10, there are two options if you go for science stream. They are: PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology) or PCM and the second one is Basic Science or PCB. PCMB or PCM leads to professional degrees such as a Bachelor in Technology or engineering (B.E. / B.Tech) or Master in Sciences (MS), M.Tech etc.  PCB leads to non professional courses such as Masters in Physics, Biology, Bioinformatics, chemistry etc.  

2.      Commerce

Commerce will help you to attain degrees such as BBA, CFA, ICWA, CFP etc. Some universities such as Sydney University and University of Queensland offer graduate diploma courses in commerce and Masters of commerce with specialization.

3.      Arts

Arts offers many interesting subjects to study such as Political Science, Economics, History, geography, English, Literature etc. Colleges such as MDI, Singapore offer bachelor degrees in fashion Marketing, liberal studies, fashion designing etc. Some other options include Victoria University (Wellington) and Ireland’s Griffith College.   

Winding Up

If you are still unsure of your decision, it is better to opt it once and if it fails, hop to others. More than anything else, approaching a career coach can help you understand yourself a lot better- analyze your interests and passion, take decisions that suit you the best and as a result, let you go off the noise.