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Why is Career Coaching Important?

Have you ever been out of the job?


Have you ever felt the need for changing your job?

Even more, has it happened that you have a high paying job yet you’re not living your dream career?

It is probably one of the best feelings to know that you’re not doing what is close to your heart.

If you wish to compete against a large number of fellow job hunters or understand your true calling of heart, you must seek career coaching. It is because the field of career coaching is designed in such a manner that it helps you understand the world of work around you along with your personal development.

Significance of Career Coaching

  • The significance of career coaching lies in a fact that it aims at helping you make informed career decisions.
  • The primary job of career coach is to help you analyze and identify the right role for you and thereafter, make the transition possible into a new role
  • Career coaches also offer various career tools like resumes, cover letters, etc to help you meet your career objectives.
  • As a result of career coaching, you are expected to gain a lot of inspiration, confidence, and encouragement in all your future career moves.
  • The professional insights that are provided by career coaches make career coaching important.
  • Career coaches play a significant role in relaxing your mind by working towards understanding your emotions better.
  • Career coaching is important as it helps you in analyzing factors that might be holding them back from progressing in their professional lives.

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Career Coaching v/s Career Counseling

Moving ahead, you might be wondering why I am emphasizing a lot on career coaching and if it is any different from career counseling?

  • “Counseling” is, often, considered to be a process-oriented approach while “coaching” tends to be solution driven.
  • The job of a counselor is to analyze if there are any behavioral, psychological or emotional issues that are hindering the career growth of an individual. On the other hand, career coach works with clients towards formulating a strategy that ensures the accomplishment of career goals and objectives. This is done by assisting individuals in making an accurate assessment of their professional situation. The assessment that is made helps individuals not only in self-reflection but also in motivating them towards building a bright future.
  • While Career coaching is concerned with the integration of research in the career field and complex psychological theory with latest trends in the job market, career counseling is concerned more with discussions and feedback that is generated as result of special exercises.

Debunking Common Myths about Career Coaching

  • Career coaches actually help you find a job. They don’t really help you in your search process but they help you in resolving the challenges that you’re facing in your job search or while trying to make advancement in your career.
  • In order to reap the benefits of career coaching, you need a minimum of 8-10 hours of counseling because a single counseling session doesn’t suffice.

Final Words:

If you’re looking at improving your career progression or moving into a completely new career role, you must never hesitate in approaching a career coach as he is the one who can actually help you align your work life towards the right direction.

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